Our Executive Team

Paige Huff M.S., BCBA, LBA

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Paige Huff currently holds her certification as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (AZ License #: BEH-000633) and is working towards applying ABA in the business structure! She is working towards her OBM (Organizational Management Certificate) at FIT and enjoys using reinforcement in the work place to make all employees productive and happy! Paige believes the happier the employees the better services the kids will receive! If you don't find her working she is practicing yoga, playing the piano, or going on Adventures with her family!

Dylan Huff M.Ed., BCBA, LBA

Co-Founder & Chief of Client Adventures

Dylan Huff is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst  (AZ License #: BEH-000267) who loves impacting the clients lives by helping parents along their Adventure! Dylan works with a variety of ages including adults as well as a variety of diagnoses. Outside of working with clients directly he focuses on client care and quality assurance. Dylan has received expert training in the areas of aggressive behavior management and augmentative communication devices. Dylan has been described as a kid at heart and is always up for a game of Mario Kart, Nerf war, or a trip to a trampoline park.

Aketzali Balderrama-Hernandez M.S., BCBA, LBA

Chief Operating Officer

Started: May 2018

Aketzali (Aket - which rhymes with pocket!) has her Master's Degree in Psychology and is certified as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (AZ License #: BEH-000664). She likes to combine the teamwork between the admin and the clinical world. You can find her sitting at her desk writing clear expectations for the company or out-and-about playing with the kiddos! While in an administrative position, she continues to love learning every day from little creative minds and works hard to make sure that all of her clients have the best chance at success. Some of her hobbies include: off-roading, camping, and binge watching shows.

Suhani Patel B.A.

Chief Training Officer

Started: June 2018

Suhani is currently working towards her Master’s Degree in Psychology with an emphasis on Applied Behavior Analysis. She is planning to sit for the BCBA exam in 2021. Suhani’s favorite part of the job is being a part of the kids stories. She wants to continue to make a difference in the kids lives to ensure their success in the future. 

Lacy Ingraham M.B.A.

Chief of Human Resources

Started: August 2020

Lacy has over 12 years of administrative experience in marketing and hospitality. She serves as a resource for current employees and new team members; assists in the development and implementation of company policies and procedures; manages and oversees the administration of HR policies. She holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from Western Governors University, and a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management from Le Cordon Bleu. In her spare time, you will find her reading, exploring nature with her kids, or making wreaths.

Dillon Miller

Chief Technology Officer

Started: August, 2020

Dillon's main focus is to lead a team of engineers to develop new applications for use in the ABA field. Additionally he works to ensure client and employee information is safely secured and abides with HIPAA. His favorite part of his job is being able to create new applications and tools to help his employee's simplify their day-to-day tasks.

Destiny Butler

Chief of Billing Operations

Started: November 2019

Destiny is responsible for creating, implementing and enforcing billing procedures/policies. As well as effectively obtaining client authorizations and handling all the billing needs at the clinic. Her favorite part about her job is helping to ensure the children are able to receive the services they need.


Our Clinical Team

Zarah Mason M.S., BCBA, LBA

Clinical Director - Central Valley

Started: February 2018

Zarah has her Masters Degree in Psychology specializing in Applied Behavior Analysis and a certification as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (AZ License #: BEH-000680). She loves using her silliness to make a difference and enjoys doing crafts and getting to find new fun ways to engage with her clients.

Diamond Smith B.S., RBT

Clinical Director - West Valley

Started: February 2019

Diamond is currently working towards her Masters Degree and completing her supervision hours needed to sit for her BCBA exam. Her favorite thing about her job is building strong relationships with clients and being able to experience their progress with them and their families.

Isaac Smith M.S., BCBA, LBA

Clinical Supervisor

Started: December 2020

Isaac Smith is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (AZ License #: BA—TL00025) who joins our team remotely from Michigan. He has experience working with clients of all ages and has a background in both autism and traumatic brain injury (TBI). Isaac enjoys working with kiddos to decrease more challenging behaviors such as self injury, aggression and language deficits. Isaac also has a degree in Bluegrass, Old-time, and Country Music from East Tennessee State University and can usually be found playing music or on the water in his free time.

Abigail Barnes M.S., RBT

Assistant Supervisor

Started: January 2019

Abigail has her Masters Degree in Developmental Psychology and is currently working towards her supervision needed to sit for her BCBA exam. Her favorite thing about her job is getting to know and love each individual kids personalities and watching them grow.

Benjamin Brody B.A., RBT

Assistant Supervisor

Started: January 2018

Benjamin is one of Adventure ABA's first employees. He is currently working towards his Masters Degree and is completing his supervision hours needed to sit for his BCBA exam. He is always willing to do anything to make a kid laugh including jumping right into the ball pit.

Hadjara Ousseyni Hassane BS,  RBT

Assistant Supervisor

Started: January 2020
Hadjara is working on completing her Master’s degree and accruing supervision hours required to sit for the BCBA examination. She Enjoys being able to jump in and play with the kids, be part of their life’s and witness their progress everyday. She speaks multiple languages and uses her free time to explore museums.

Alexis Myers

Senior Therapist

Started: January 2020

Alexis is working on completing her Masters in psychology while accruing the required number of hours needed to sit for the BCBA exam. Alexis loves seeing the progress each kid makes and hearing all the kids laughing and playing; you will often find the kids climbing all over her. In her free time, you will find her spending time with her husband and dogs, doing a random craft, or going on an Adventure.


Our Administration Team

Merrilee Miller

Receptionist - West Valley

Started: August, 2020

Merrilee helps schedule sessions, sends information to parents regarding their child's schedule, and completes any odd tasks around the clinic! When she is not at the clinic helping, you can find her doing school work for her Masters Degree, practicing yoga, or spending quality time with family.

Sharayah Brown

Office Manager - West Valley

Started: April, 2020

Sharayah keeps the West Valley clinic running smoothly on a day to day basis. She manages monthly scheduling, clinic projects, clinic events, time off as well as the intake of new clients. She has been in hospitality for 10 years with 4 years of management. When she isn't working she is with her animals and husband, adding to her record collection, or traveling.

Gabriela Macias-Sanchez

Office Manager - Central Valley

Started: October, 2020

Gabriela keeps the Central Clinic on track by being on top of schedules, resolving any day to day issues, and always planning ahead. She will be pursuing higher education and her BSN in the near future. If she is not working, you will find her traveling, hanging out with family and friends, or volunteering.

Receptionist - Central Valley

Started: January, 2021

Mekayla is the central valley office manager's right hand! She helps schedule sessions, send information to parents regarding their children's schedules, and completes any odd tasks around the clinic! Her number one goal is to get her AA in Psychology! If she is not working, she enjoys traveling, long hikes with her family, and horseback riding.

Zachary Lau

Trainer - West Valley

Started: October 2019

Zachary loves his position of trainer due to meeting lots of new people and helping the company grow. He was brought into the world of ABA by Dylan and Paige and uses his people skills learned in other places of work to make new and old employees feel comfortable. He loves running all around with the kids but also can get into character when telling stories. Video games are his expertise and though not well versed in board games, he can definitely throw down on some UNO.

Tessa Di Maria

Trainer - Central Valley

Started: June 2020

Tessa enjoys training all of her friends and colleagues at Adventure ABA because she gets to combine her three loves (excluding family and dogs): ABA, teaching, and questions! She has had a passion for advocating for the differently abled her whole life! Her favorite thing about ABA (and the entire special needs community in general) is that there is truly no other group of people in the world who will judge you less and goof around with you more! If she is not asking/answering questions at work, then you can find her binge-watching TV, playing the bass, or laughing with her husband and dogs!


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